Children's Sunday School

For 1st grade – 5th grade

Children’s Sunday school is a great time of fun, games, learning, and hanging out with friends. Teachers and leaders pay personal attention to students to involve them in class activities and to make everyone feel welcome. All children’s Sunday school classes are held upstairs in the children’s building.

QUESTIONS??? Please visit our children’s information booth (located upstairs just south of the elevator) open Sunday mornings.

Sunday School!! “Where lessons are learned, and friends are made.”

Sunday School Class schedule:

8:00 am - 1 Class available:

                   1st - 5th  grade located in room CH203

9:30 am – 5 classes available:

                   1st grade located in room CH203

                   2nd grade located in room CH207

                   3rd grade located in room CH211

                   4th grade located in room CH204

                   5th grade located in room CH208

11:00 am – 2 Classes available:

                     1st  - 3rd grade "Adventure Island" located in room CH212

                      4th - 5th grade "Kids Christ Connection"  located in room Ch204