Need to Know

Our goal is to provide an excellent experience for each family who participates in our Preschool Ministry. Here are a few helpful tips to know before arriving.

  • Please visit the receptionist station located in the lobby.  This is where your child will be entered into our database, assigned an age-appropriate classroom and receive a check-in slip for classroom staff, and a pickup tag for checking out your child.
        • *Online registration can be completed by clicking the “Sunday School Registration” tab.

        • Check-in begins 15 minutes before the start of each service.

        • “In” slips are given to classroom staff at the classroom door.

        • Please be sure that all items that belong to your child are labeled.

        • Please be sure to mention known allergies or health or concerns to classroom staff.

        • When dropping off and picking up your child, parents are asked to wait at the door until a worker can assist you. 
        • Although entering the classroom may benefit your child, the other children may become insecure or anxious while awaiting the arrival of their mom or dad.