Personal Evangelism

The call of every Christian is sharing the Good News of Salvation. It is the basis for all that we do at Valley Baptist. Regardless of other life tasks, our primary work is to fulfill the Great Commission wherever God places us. With our families, friends, neighborhoods, workplaces and wherever we go in our community, we are called to reach those for Christ.

How can you personally sow the Gospel?

  • ·         Make a list of people you know, meet, and that are in your sphere of influence.
  • ·         Share with people in the regular activities in your life.
  • ·         Use your own story.
  • ·         Pinpoint areas where you can do evangelism and creatively leave witnessing tracts.
  • ·         Aim to learn a new language and carry witnessing tools in various languages.
  • ·         Invite people to Church, Sunday School, and Ministry Small Groups or events.

What do I say?

Jesus gives us great instruction on how to engage people with the Gospel. Jesus tells us in Luke 10:5 to begin with a blessing (Peace to this House) and look for a Person of Peace – the key elements are someone who is receptive and respective of others.

In giving a blessing to others, we are to follow the example of Jesus and offer a:

  • ·         Look of understanding – look directly at them when you talk
  • ·         Word of encouragement – give them encouragement
  • ·         Touch of affirmation – ask if you can pray for them

Jesus always used a Look, a Word and a Touch!

Getting yourself to talk to strangers or getting them to talk to you can be as simple as keeping in mind the acronym SPEAK:

  • ·         Story: Tell me your story.
  • ·         Passion: What do you love to do?
  • ·         Encourage: You know what you would be good at?
  • ·         Assistance:  How can I serve you – what needs do you have?
  • ·         Knowledge: What do you know about Jesus Christ?

Remember, the best Gospel conversations are never planned – follow the Holy Spirit's Leading!