Media Ministry

We thank God for blessing us with a technical facility that reaches people for Christ.

Media Ministry is a group of people God has gifted with technical and artistic ability.  We love equipment, computers, lighting and just about anything with a wire or chip.

NEW VOLUNTEERS ARE WELCOME AT ANY TIME! Visit our Media Center Control Room on any Sunday during or between services. Call Dave Kalahar at (661) 387-6309 with any question about becoming a volunteer, training, or how media ministry operates at Valley Baptist Church. Or e-mail Dave at

"Today's Walk Radio" is our daily radio broadcast that can be heard on KERI AM 1410 each weekday at 11:00 am and 7:30 pm.

Today's Walk Resource Center
Most messages preached are available on CD or DVD.

CD's are $5.00.
DVD's are $10.00.

Postage is $1.00 per item regardless of which format you choose.

Click here to order yours by sending an e-mail with your request or stop by the Today's Walk Resource Center counter on Sundays.

Media Ministry Volunteers

All scheduling is now on Planning Center.