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Faith of the Reformers

Date Title Speaker
9/24/2017 John Wycliffe: The Morning Star of the ReformationIsaiah 40:8 Dr. Phil Neighbors
10/1/2017 John Huss: The Goose from Bohemia Dr. Phil Neighbors
10/15/2017 William Tyndale:God's Bible Smuggler2 Timothy 3:10-17 Pastor Eric Hahn
10/22/2017 From Wittenberg to LondonRomans 1:17 Dr. Randy Bennett
10/29/2017 John Calvin:The Reformation Preacher2 Timothy 4:2 Dr. Phil Neighbors
11/5/2017 John Knox: Will You Impact Your Culture for Christ?Proverbs 29:25 Pastor Kyle Hogg
11/12/2017 Conrad Grebel and Felix Manz: The Radical Reformers!Acts 8:35-38 Pastor Brian Busby