Series Landing

Moses and the Messiah

Date Title Speaker
9/11/2016 The Subplot of the ScripturesGenesis 3:15 Dr. Phil Neighbors
9/18/2016 The High Priest Like MelchizedekGenesis 14:18-20 Pastor Brian Busby
9/25/2016 The Beloved Son of AbrahamGenesis 22:1-14 Dr. Phil Neighbors
9/25/2016 The God Who SeesGenesis 16 Pastor Kyle Hogg
10/2/2016 The Prophet Like MosesDeuteronomy 18:15 Dr. Phil Neighbors
10/9/2016 The Passover LambExodus 12 Pastor Brian Busby
10/23/2016 A Star Rising Out of JacobNumbers 24 Pastor Brian Busby
10/30/2016 The Promised King of IsraelGenesis 49 Dr. Phil Neighbors
11/6/2016 The Cursed One Hanging on the TreeDeuteronomy 3:20-23 Dr. Phil Neighbors
11/20/2016 The Serpent Lifted Up in the WildernessNumbers 21:4-9 Pastor Brian Busby