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Date Title Series Speaker
  4/14/2019 Murder’s Angry Beginning

Our attitudes matter to God, not just our actions.

Principles to Live By Pastor Andrew Spradlin
  4/7/2019 Jesus Makes the Rules

Jesus did not come to contradict the law, but to complete it… and explain it.

Principles to Live By Pastor Andrew Spradlin
  3/24/2019 Influence

As Christians, we are responsible to influence the culture for Christ.

Principles to Live By Dr. Roger Spradlin
  3/17/2019 Expect Persecution

Persecution comes as a result of the life we live.

A Blueprint for Blessing Dr. Roger Spradlin
  3/10/2019 The Ministry of Reconciliation

A peacemaker must first be at peace with God.

A Blueprint for Blessing Dr. Roger Spradlin
  3/3/2019 Blessed are the Pure in Heart

In order to be pure in heart, we need to be given a new heart.

A Blueprint for Blessing Pastor Brian Busby
  2/24/2019 The Gift That We Get To Give

We are to demonstrate mercy as evidence of the genuineness of our faith.

A Blueprint for Blessing Dr. Roger Spradlin
  2/17/2019 The Source of Satisfaction

A human being is spiritually empty without God.

A Blueprint for Blessing Dr. Roger Spradlin
  2/10/2019 Living Under New Management

Jesus is the ultimate example of meekness.

A Blueprint for Blessing Dr. Roger Spradlin
  2/3/2019 Confession, Contrition, Conversion

Our sin should grieve us as it does God.

A Blueprint for Blessing Dr. Roger Spradlin
  1/27/2019 The Poverty That Leads to Wealth

Being poor in spirit is essential in sanctification as well as salvation.

A Blueprint for Blessing Dr. Roger Spradlin
  1/20/2019 The Purpose of True Discipleship

True discipleship involves making other disciples.

Who is Jesus? Dr. Roger Spradlin
  1/16/2019 What Happens After We Die

If you are a believer in Christ, the greatest hope you have is the hope of Heaven.

Pastor Monty Montana
  1/13/2019 Victory Over Temptation

This life will never be free of temptation, but God wants us to live in victory over temptation.

Who is Jesus? Dr. Roger Spradlin
  1/6/2019 Dare to Be Different

As Christians,we should recognize that we are the voice of God to our culture.

Who is Jesus? Dr. Roger Spradlin
  12/30/2018 Jesus on the Move

God can use tragedies to get us where we are supposed to be.

Who is Jesus? Pastor Brian Busby
  12/23/2018 What We Learn From the Magi Regarding Who Jesus Is

The best gift that the Magi gave Jesus was not gold, frankincense, or myrrh; it was their worship of Jesus.

Who is Jesus? Dr. Roger Spradlin
  12/16/2018 What The Virgin Birth Tells Us About Who Jesus Is

The virgin birth was necessary to fulfill scripture and to prove the incarnation.

Who is Jesus? Dr. Roger Spradlin
  12/9/2018 The Genesis of Jesus

In the genealogy of Jesus, we see the fulfillment of God’s promise to Abraham of the Messiah to come.

Who is Jesus? Dr. Roger Spradlin
  10/28/2018 The Mission

The mission of the church is to make disciples of Jesus.

Pastor Andrew Spradlin
  7/1/2018 Jesus on Prayer

In Matthew 6, Jesus teaches a lesson on how to pray and how not to pray.

Pastor Brian Busby
  6/3/2018 Finishing, Not Flopping

How did the Christian movement begin?

Pastor Larry Wood
  3/11/2018 Til Debt Do Us Part

Financial pressure comes when we ignore God's principles on how to manage our money.

Dr. Roger Spradlin
  12/17/2017 Joseph:Man of Character

Our character is ultimately measured by our obedience to God.

Dr. Roger Spradlin
  4/30/2017 The Truth About The Shack

Pastor Eric Hahn compares Biblical truth to the beliefs of William Paul Young, author of The Shack.

Pastor Eric Hann
  2/12/2017 Battling Temptation

You can use scripture as a weapon to battle temptation.

Pastor Andrew Spradlin
  10/20/2016 Empty Tombs

There were six miracles that occurred at Calvary,

Pastor Ty Barksdale
  8/21/2016 The Meaning of the Lord's Supper

Pastor Roger Spradlin takes a look at Matthew's account of the Lord's Supper.

Dr. Roger Spradlin
  6/1/2016 The Parable of the Sheep and the Goats

Jesus shares a parable about sheep and goats to His disciples.

Ben Phillips
  4/10/2016 2016 Spring Life Group Summit

Pastor Brian Busby looks at one way to teach a Life Group Bible Study.

Pastor Brian Busby
  6/28/2015 Building to Withstand a Storm

Jesus tells a parable of two houses and a storm.

Stories That Changed the World Dr. Roger Spradlin
  6/14/2015 It's Harvest Time

As Christians, each of us have a specific mission field.

Pastor Andrew Spradlin
  5/17/2015 Outrageous Grace

God's grace is extended to all people.

Stories That Changed the World Dr. Roger Spradlin
  3/22/2015 King of Glory

At His transfiguration, Jesus revealed His divine nature to the disciples who witnessed it.

Pastor Andrew Spradlin
  3/22/2015 The Veil of the Tabernacle: The Approachable God

At Calvary, the veil was torn in two, and the way to God was opened.

The Tabernacle: The Dwelling Place of God Dr. Phil Neighbors
  3/15/2015 And So It Begins

The public ministry of Jesus Christ begins with His baptism.

Pastor Andrew Spradlin
  6/25/2014 Understanding the Unpardonable Sin

There is one sin that God will not forgive.

Pastor Larry Wood
  4/6/2014 Who Do You Say I Am?

Who is Jesus Christ?

Pastor Andrew Spradlin