Audio Sermons Library

Date Title Series Speaker
  7/8/2018 Rooted in Love

God's love for us is beyond description.

Pastor Andrew Spradlin
  6/24/2018 Our Only Hope

What is our ultimate hope for our kids?

Pastor Rusty Kuhns
  4/22/2018 Life Group Summit:Getting More People Involved

How do we get other people involved in the ministry of our life groups?

Pastor Brian Busby
  2/25/2018 The Testimony of Billy Graham

Pastor Phil Neighbors takes a look at five of Billy Graham's crusades that had an extreme impact upon our world.

Dr. Phil Neighbors
  1/25/2015 Learning to Love Your Mate

The great motivation in marriage is love.

Marriage Matters Dr. Roger Spradlin
4/9/2014 Redemption: Free At Last!

Redemption is the key to Christianity.

Wonderful Words of Life Pastor Larry Wood
  3/9/2014 The Key to Longevity in Relationships

What is the secret to building lasting relationships?

Mending Broken Relationships Dr. Roger Spradlin