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Date Title Series Speaker
  5/29/2019 How to Become Spiritually Tough

How should we view trials from a biblical perspective?

Pastor Rusty Kuhns
  5/26/2019 The Most Difficult Commandment

Loving our enemies demonstrates our resemblance to God.

Principles to Live By Dr. Roger Spradlin
  5/22/2019 The Place

On the Cross, Jesus had to do something for us that we could not do ourselves.

Dr. Phil Neighbors
  5/19/2019 Refusing to Demand Our Rights

As Christians, our integrity is more important than our legal rights.

Principles to Live By Dr. Roger Spradlin
  5/15/2019 Only the Penitent Will Pass

Upon confessing his sin, David makes three requests of the Lord.

Pastor Bobby Lane
  5/12/2019 Living with Integrity

Integrity is essential for a healthy spiritual life.

Principles to Live By Dr. Roger Spradlin
  5/5/2019 He Is Good

In Psalm 135, the psalmist gives us four reasons to praise the Lord.

HalleluYAH Dr. Phil Neighbors
  5/5/2019 What the Bible Says About Divorce

Divorce is a serious issue not just because of loneliness, pain, or children who suffer; but because God takes it seriously

Principles to Live By Dr. Roger Spradlin
  5/1/2019 Who is Jesus?

Early in His ministry, Jesus proclaims His identity and purpose to those in the synagogue at Nazareth.

Dr. Phil Neighbors