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Date Title Series Speaker
  4/28/2019 The Danger of a Lingering Look

Jesus prohibited lust as well as adultery.

Principles to Live By Dr. Roger Spradlin
  4/24/2019 Sonship

Jesus is the Son of Man and the Son of God.

Dr. Phil Neighbors
  4/21/2019 Resurrection:The Extreme Makeover

The resurrection is not simply the reconstruction of the body, but is a spiritual and physical transformation.

Dr. Roger Spradlin
  4/17/2019 The Reverse of the Curse

The garden of Eden reminds us of Mount Calvary.

Dr. Phil Neighbors
  4/14/2019 An Example of Biblical Baptism

What does the Bible have to say about baptism?

Pastor Brian Busby
  4/14/2019 Murder’s Angry Beginning

Our attitudes matter to God, not just our actions.

Principles to Live By Pastor Andrew Spradlin
  4/7/2019 Jesus Makes the Rules

Jesus did not come to contradict the law, but to complete it… and explain it.

Principles to Live By Pastor Andrew Spradlin
  4/7/2019 One On One With Jesus

The greediest man in the New Testament meets the Lord Jesus Christ.

Pastor Monty Montana
  4/3/2019 A Christian's View of History

Paul had a great concern for the salvation of the Jewish race.

God's 9/11 Plan Pastor Larry Wood