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Date Title Series Speaker
  3/31/2019 He Raises the Dead!

The psalmist sings a song of praise to God after a near-death experience.

HalleluYAH Dr. Phil Neighbors
  3/31/2019 Sermon on the Amount

God gives us our time, our talent, and our treasure; and we are to manage it for Him.

Dr. Roger Spradlin
  3/27/2019 The Man Who Was So Close and Yet So Far Away

The story of Judas causes us to rethink our commitment to Christ.

The Book of Acts Pastor Larry Wood
  3/24/2019 He Protects Us

We are to praise God because He is our help and our shield.

HalleluYAH Dr. Phil Neighbors
  3/24/2019 Influence

As Christians, we are responsible to influence the culture for Christ.

Principles to Live By Dr. Roger Spradlin
  3/20/2019 The Second Coming of the Lord

One day, Jesus Christ will return to Earth for His people.

The Book of Acts Pastor Larry Wood
  3/17/2019 Expect Persecution

Persecution comes as a result of the life we live.

A Blueprint for Blessing Dr. Roger Spradlin
  3/17/2019 His Kingdom is Coming

We are to praise God for His mercy and steadfast love for us.

HalleluYAH Dr. Phil Neighbors
  3/13/2019 Why Does the Ascension Still Matter Today?

The teaching of the ascension of Christ is an important part of the doctrine of salvation.

The Book of Acts Pastor Larry Wood
  3/10/2019 The Ministry of Reconciliation

A peacemaker must first be at peace with God.

A Blueprint for Blessing Dr. Roger Spradlin
  3/6/2019 A Shocking Answer to a Good Question

In Acts 1,the disciples ask Jesus an honest question about His return to Earth.

The Book of Acts Pastor Larry Wood
  3/3/2019 Blessed are the Pure in Heart

In order to be pure in heart, we need to be given a new heart.

A Blueprint for Blessing Pastor Brian Busby
  3/3/2019 He Guides Us

God will bring us to our final destination, in spite of all odds against us.,

HalleluYAH Dr. Phil Neighbors