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Date Title Series Speaker
  1/30/2019 Psalm 106 Revisited

What is the historical context of Psalm 106?

Dr. Phil Neighbors
  1/27/2019 Servant Summit:A Tool in the Hands of God

We can’t be as effective sharing Jesus if we’re not walking with Him.

Pastor Andrew Spradlin
  1/27/2019 The Poverty That Leads to Wealth

Being poor in spirit is essential in sanctification as well as salvation.

A Blueprint for Blessing Dr. Roger Spradlin
  1/23/2019 Psalm 106 Overflow

Psalm 106 celebrates the redemptive history of the Old Testament.

Dr. Phil Neighbors
  1/20/2019 He is Merciful

We are to give praise to God because He is merciful.

HalleluYAH Dr. Phil Neighbors
  1/20/2019 The Purpose of True Discipleship

True discipleship involves making other disciples.

Who is Jesus? Dr. Roger Spradlin
  1/16/2019 What Happens After We Die

If you are a believer in Christ, the greatest hope you have is the hope of Heaven.

Pastor Monty Montana
  1/13/2019 He Keeps His Promises

We are called to give thanks to God for keeping His promises.

HalleluYAH Dr. Phil Neighbors
  1/13/2019 Victory Over Temptation

This life will never be free of temptation, but God wants us to live in victory over temptation.

Who is Jesus? Dr. Roger Spradlin
  1/9/2019 Psalm 104 Overflow

Psalm 104 gives a description of God's creative power.

Dr. Phil Neighbors
  1/6/2019 Dare to Be Different

As Christians,we should recognize that we are the voice of God to our culture.

Who is Jesus? Dr. Roger Spradlin
  1/6/2019 YAH is Our Creator

What is the proper response to God's greatness?

HalleluYAH Dr. Phil Neighbors