Audio Sermons Library

Date Title Series Speaker
  7/29/2018 An Introduction to James

As Christians, our belief and our behavior cannot be separated.

Living Our Faith Dr. Roger Spradlin
  7/29/2018 The Reluctant Prophet

How did Moses triumph over discouragement?

Pastor Kyle Hogg
  7/22/2018 An Ordination Charge

Pastor Andrew Spradlin takes a look at the qualifications of an ordained minister.

Pastor Andrew Spradlin
  7/22/2018 The Confession That Brings Restoration

Our return to God always begins with genuine confession of sin.

Lamentations: The Consequences of Sin Dr. Roger Spradlin
  7/15/2018 Suffering First, Glory Later

In Mark 9; Peter, Jame, and John catch a glimpse of the divine nature of Jesus.

The Followers Pastor Brian Busby
  7/15/2018 When the Gold Loses Its Luster

Trials remind us of our need for God.

Lamentations: The Consequences of Sin Dr. Roger Spradlin
  7/8/2018 Rooted in Love

God's love for us is beyond description.

Pastor Andrew Spradlin
  7/1/2018 Biblical Repentance

Biblical repentance always involves a change in our behavior.

Pastor Kyle Hogg
  7/1/2018 Jesus on Prayer

In Matthew 6, Jesus teaches a lesson on how to pray and how not to pray.

Pastor Brian Busby