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Date Title Series Speaker
  6/24/2018 Lessons from the Pit

When we suffer, it does not mean that God has forsaken us.

Lamentations: The Consequences of Sin Dr. Roger Spradlin
  6/24/2018 Our Only Hope

What is our ultimate hope for our kids?

Pastor Rusty Kuhns
  6/17/2018 Passing the Baton of Faith

It is your job as a father to pass on your faith to your children.

Dr. Roger Spradlin
  6/10/2018 Mesmerized by God

No matter where you go or what you do, God’s presence is right there with you.

Pastor Andrew Spradlin
  6/10/2018 The Second Touch

How is the healing of the blind man in Mark 8 connected to the confession of Peter?

The Followers Dr. Phil Neighbors
  6/6/2018 Coming Clean with God

No one will escape the final judgement of God.

How To Witness for God in an Ungodly World Pastor Larry Wood
  6/3/2018 Finishing, Not Flopping

How did the Christian movement begin?

Pastor Larry Wood
  6/3/2018 Spending Time in God's Woodshed

If you live in sin as a Christian, don't be surprised when God brings circumstances in your life to correct you.

Lamentations: The Consequences of Sin Dr. Roger Spradlin