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Date Title Series Speaker
  12/30/2018 Jesus on the Move

God can use tragedies to get us where we are supposed to be.

Who is Jesus? Pastor Brian Busby
  12/23/2018 What We Learn From the Magi Regarding Who Jesus Is

The best gift that the Magi gave Jesus was not gold, frankincense, or myrrh; it was their worship of Jesus.

Who is Jesus? Dr. Roger Spradlin
  12/16/2018 What The Virgin Birth Tells Us About Who Jesus Is

The virgin birth was necessary to fulfill scripture and to prove the incarnation.

Who is Jesus? Dr. Roger Spradlin
  12/12/2018 What God Expects of Us

As Christians, there are certain standards that God has given us to live by.

Pastor Kyle Hogg
  12/9/2018 Hanukkah

At the Festival of Lights, Jesus presented an important message about His deity.

Dr. Phil Neighbors
  12/9/2018 The Genesis of Jesus

In the genealogy of Jesus, we see the fulfillment of God’s promise to Abraham of the Messiah to come.

Who is Jesus? Dr. Roger Spradlin
  12/5/2018 God's Faithfulness

God is faithful to bless His people.

Pastor Ty Barksdale
  12/2/2018 Caring Enough to Confront

How are we to respond if we see a fellow Christian who is obviously drifting away from God?

Living Our Faith Dr. Roger Spradlin