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Date Title Series Speaker
  5/28/2014 When God Beat the Bully

How should you deal with your spiritual bullies?

Pastor Larry Wood
  5/25/2014 Remembering D-Day

Dr. Phil Neighbors tells the stories of three men who courageously served in the Armed Forces during World War 2.

Dr. Phil Neighbors
  5/25/2014 Standing Up for the Gospel

In Galatians 2, Paul confronts Peter about some hypocrisy in his life.

The Grace Debate Dr. Roger Spradlin
  5/21/2014 Saved Forever

Is it ever possible to lose your salvation?

Pastor Larry Wood
  5/18/2014 The Danger of Legalism

In Galatians , Paul makes several arguments for grace over legalism.

The Grace Debate Dr. Roger Spradlin
  5/14/2014 The Power of Being Sure

Many people do not grow in Christ because they are not absolutely certain that they are saved.

Pastor Larry Wood
  5/11/2014 Mentor Moms

Pastor Spradlin examines the lives of three women in the Bible who modeled character and faith to their sons.

Dr. Roger Spradlin
  5/4/2014 The Power of a Changed Life

Is salvation a gift, or is it earned by human achievement?

The Grace Debate Dr. Roger Spradlin