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Date Title Series Speaker
  12/28/2014 The Wisdom Imperative

What is wisdom, and why should we pursue it?

Dr. Walter Strickland Jr
  12/21/2014 When the Ordinary Becomes Extraordinary

God uses ordinary people for extraordinary purposes.

Dr. Roger Spradlin
  12/14/2014 Pastor's Talk

Pastor Roger Spradlin explains more about the remodel of the church.

Dr. Roger Spradlin
  12/14/2014 Planning for Christmas

Sometimes we get so caught up in the activities of the holidays that we miss the actual meaning of Christmas.

Pastor Andrew Spradlin
  12/14/2014 The Royal Birth Announcement of the King

The announcement of the birth of Jesus was made 700 years before His birth.

Dr. Phil Neighbors
  12/10/2014 The Night Before Christmas

What is Christmas according to Jesus?

Pastor Larry Wood
  12/7/2014 The Church That God Blesses

As Christians, our spiritual development begins with church attendance.

Nehemiah:A Leader with a Heart Dr. Roger Spradlin
  12/3/2014 He Walked, He Was Not Carried

What was the attitude of Christ as He approached the cross?

Michael Lowman