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Date Title Series Speaker
7/29/2012 Living a Persuasive Life

Today's message shows us how our lives can influence others towards a life for God.

Ministry Done Right Dr. Roger Spradlin
7/29/2012 The Lost Righteousness

What is revealed in the Gospel? Dr. Phil Neighbors gives us the answer from Romans 1:16-17.

The Revelation of God's Righteousness Dr. Phil Neighbors
  7/25/2012 Biblical Wisdom

The book of James teaches us that wisdom has more to do with the way we live our lives than what we think or say.

Pastor Daniel Atondo
7/22/2012 Death and Beyond

What happens to the body and soul immediately after death? Pastor Spradlin tells us the truth from God's Word, and exposes some misconceptions about the afterlife.

Ministry Done Right Dr. Roger Spradlin
7/22/2012 Forgiveness Forever

The prophet Micah's final message is a sermon on God's judgement and the hope of His deliverance.

An Ancient Message for a Modern World Dr. Phil Neighbors
7/18/2012 What If It Were Today?

The Second Coming of Christ is imminent, and the Bible gives us clear instruction on how to prepare for His return.

Pastor Larry Wood
7/15/2012 Jars of Clay

Are you feeling defeated? Today's message exhorts us to carry on by reminding us who we are in Christ.

Ministry Done Right Dr. Roger Spradlin
  7/15/2012 Launch Out Into the Deep

Kyle Hogg brings us a lesson on obedience from a fish story.

Kyle Hogg
7/11/2012 The Mind of Christ

How do you have the mind of Christ? The apostle Paul teaches us in Philippians 2.

Pastor Larry Wood
  7/8/2012 Our Mission is His Renown

Pastor Daniel Atondo looks at a vision that the prophet Isaiah painted for the people of God.

Pastor Daniel Atondo
  7/8/2012 The Reverse of the Curse

Dr. Phil Neighbors explains how the curse of sin came into the world, and how it can be reversed.

Dr. Phil Neighbors
7/1/2012 Authentic Ministry

Authentic Ministry is motivated and inspired by Jesus and recognizes that we are in a spiritual battle. Authentic Ministry Does Not Call Attention to Self, but is All About Jesus.

Ministry Done Right Dr. Roger Spradlin
  7/1/2012 Prove Yourself a Man

A special message for men. The Church needs Godly Men. Step up to the challenge to fill the void of men serving in the Church and at home.

Pastor Andrew Spradlin