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Date Title Series Speaker
4/29/2012 Don't Waste Your Sorrows

The Bible says that we will all go through trials, and Dr. Roger Spradlin teaches us how to use these sorrows to comfort others.

Ministry Done Right Dr. Roger Spradlin
  4/29/2012 Forgiveness

Pastor John Sherley takes a comprehensive look at the types of sin, the results of sin, and the types of forgiveness.

Pastor John Sherley
4/25/2012 Breaking Of The Family Bond

Pastor Larry Wood examines how a family chosen by God self-destructed; a warning for believers to not make the same mistakes.

Jacob:From a Frog to a Prince Pastor Larry Wood
4/22/2012 Invasion

Dr. Phil Neighbors examines how the prophet Micah warned the people of Jerusalem and Samaria about God's impending judgement.

An Ancient Message for a Modern World Dr. Phil Neighbors
  4/22/2012 Rest for the Weary

Dr. Roger Spradlin shows us how to find spiritual contentment.

Dr. Roger Spradlin
4/18/2012 The Foolishness Of Favoritism

Pastor Larry Wood looks at the danger of parental favoritism to children and how a single choice has eternal ramifications.

Jacob:From a Frog to a Prince Pastor Larry Wood
  4/15/2012 Jesus' Description of the Christian Life

Jesus clearly laid out the demands of following Him. Dr. Roger Spradlin looks at the requirements of the Christian life.

Dr. Roger Spradlin
4/15/2012 Where Are All His Miracles? Bonus Sermon #2

Dr. Phil Neighbors gives us a biblical perspective on the miraculous work of God.

The Book of Signs Dr. Phil Neighbors
4/11/2012 Jacob:The Man Only God Could Love

Pastor Larry Wood begins a comprehensive look at the life of Jacob; a study about how God chose Jacob.

Jacob:From a Frog to a Prince Pastor Larry Wood
4/8/2012 Cosmic Signs and the Cross

Dr. Phil Neighbors presents a credible position concerning the actual date of the crucifixion of Jesus.

The Book of Signs Dr. Phil Neighbors
  4/8/2012 God's Greatest Gift

Why did Jesus die? Dr. Roger Spradlin answers this question as he looks at the most famous verse in the Bible.

Dr. Roger Spradlin
  4/1/2012 The Valley Experience

How should the modern church function? Dr. Phil Neighbors and Pastor Andrew Spradlin explore the role of the church and its members.

Dr. Phil Neighbors