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Date Title Series Speaker
3/28/2012 Bringing the House Down

Pastor Larry Wood teaches how God will always take the believer back by showing us how Samson made a comeback to do the will of God.

Samson:God's Rascal Pastor Larry Wood
  3/25/2012 Oikos

Dr. Phil Neighbors and Pastor Andrew Spradlin explain the meaning of the word oikos and its relevance to the Great Commission.

Dr. Phil Neighbors
3/25/2012 Signs and Wonders:Bonus Sermon #1

Do signs and wonders occur today? Dr. Phil Neighbors takes up this topic as he reads from the textual variant in Mark 16.

The Book of Signs Dr. Phil Neighbors
3/21/2012 A Haircut from Hell

How Samson was tripped up by an old sin that was never faced. Samson’s mid-life crisis. The cost of being in an unequal yoke with Delilah. There is no such thing as sex without commitment. No free sex. How Samson foolishly played with sin and was living too close to the edge of sin.

Samson:God's Rascal Pastor Larry Wood
3/18/2012 Dying Well

Dr. Roger Spradlin looks at the end of David's life and his last words to Solomon.

Life of David Dr. Roger Spradlin
3/18/2012 No More Death

Dr. Phil Neighbors explains how the miracle of raising Lazarus demonstrates that there will be no more death in the coming Kingdom.

The Book of Signs Dr. Phil Neighbors
3/14/2012 Living in an R.V. World

To learn how Samson continued in the downward spiral of revenge and violence. Showing us that the desire for revenge and violence on our enemies is counter-productive to the Christian.

Samson:God's Rascal Pastor Larry Wood
  3/11/2012 A Fresh Look at the Great Commission

What is the goal of the Great Commission? Dr. Roger Spradlin shares the answer in a message on missions.

Dr. Roger Spradlin
  3/11/2012 Mexico Missions Night

Dr. Phil Neighbors brings a special message on Creation, Adam and Eve, and the introduction of sin into the world.

Dr. Phil Neighbors
3/7/2012 Man Gone Wild

To show from the life of Samson how it is possible for Christians today to have a great start only to have a poor end.

Samson:God's Rascal Pastor Larry Wood
3/4/2012 David's Final Folly

King David made one last failure in his life, and the entire nation of Israel suffered because of it. Dr. Roger Spradlin looks at this failure in 2 Samuel.

Life of David Dr. Roger Spradlin
3/4/2012 The Shepherd and the Lamb

Pastor Andrew Spradlin reflects on Jesus' roles as both the Shepherd and the Lamb.

The Book of Signs Pastor Andrew Spradlin