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Date Title Series Speaker
2/29/2012 What's In Your Yearbook?

The birth and blessing of God on the young Samson. He was born with all the potential in the world and lost everything. The faithfulness of his father Monoah and his mother. How godly parents didn't produce a godly son. Yet, with all of Samson's failures, he is placed in Hebrews 11 in God's hall of faith.

Samson:God's Rascal Pastor Larry Wood
2/26/2012 Friends Who Will Treat You Like a King

What kind of friend are you to other people? That is Dr. Roger Spradlin's theme as he looks at King David's friends.

Life of David Dr. Roger Spradlin
2/26/2012 No More Darkness

Dr. Phil Neighbors explores the spiritual impact of the healing of the blind man by Jesus in John 9.

The Book of Signs Dr. Phil Neighbors
  2/22/2012 The Devastating Effects of Sin

Kyle Hogg looks at the failures of Abraham and Sarah and the consequences of those sins.

Kyle Hogg
2/19/2012 No More Fear

Dr. Phil Neighbors examines why Jesus allows us to go through trials in life.

The Book of Signs Dr. Phil Neighbors
2/19/2012 No More Need Part 2

Dr. Phil Neighbors looks at the miracle of the feedng of the 5000 and the significance of Jesus as the bread of life.

The Book of Signs Dr. Phil Neighbors
2/15/2012 Why Christians Get Bent Out of Shape

The Psalmist shows Christians have great peace in a world of tension, affliction and stress. He shows how God offers His Guarantee of a great peace when we meet the Requirement of loving His law and then shows the practical Product of loving God’s word which is the benefit of not being offended or bent out of shape when problems come.

Pastor Larry Wood
2/12/2012 No More Need

Continuing his series on the miracles of Jesus, Dr. Phil Neighbors explains the significance of the feeding of the 5000.

The Book of Signs Dr. Phil Neighbors
  2/12/2012 The Look of Lust is in Your Eyes

Dr. Hershael York examines the dangers of lust and shows us God's solution to the problem in Matthew 5:27-30.

Dr. Hershael York
2/11/2012 Marriage Conference Question and Answer Session

Hershael and Tanya York answer questions from the audience concerning marriage.

Dr. Hershael York
2/11/2012 Marriage Conference Session 2

Dr. Hershael York talks to men about the importance of cherishing their wives.

Dr. Hershael York
2/11/2012 Marriage Conference Session 3

Dr. Hershael York lists seven pillars on which you need to build a Godly home.

Dr. Hershael York
2/10/2012 Marriage Conference Session 1

Dr. Hershael York gives ten ways to help fulfill the main goal of marriage.

Dr. Hershael York
2/8/2012 Don't Waste Your Sorrows

The Psalmist teaches today’s Christians how to appreciate, and learn from the afflictions that come to us from time to time. We learn three secrets to know before, during and after afflictions come our way.

Pastor Larry Wood
2/5/2012 Making Up is Hard to Do

In 2 Samuel 16 and 19, Dr. Roger Spradlin reveals the proper response to unfair treatment from others.

Life of David Dr. Roger Spradlin
  2/1/2012 The Lord Our Host

Dr. Phil Neighbors shows how Psalm 23 reveals the Lord as our shepherd and our host.

Dr. Phil Neighbors