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Date Title Series Speaker
  4/21/2019 Resurrection:The Extreme Makeover

The resurrection is not simply the reconstruction of the body, but is a spiritual and physical transformation.

Dr. Roger Spradlin
  4/17/2019 The Reverse of the Curse

The garden of Eden reminds us of Mount Calvary.

Dr. Phil Neighbors
  4/14/2019 Murder’s Angry Beginning

Our attitudes matter to God, not just our actions.

Principles to Live By Pastor Andrew Spradlin
  4/14/2019 An Example of Biblical Baptism

What does the Bible have to say about baptism?

Pastor Brian Busby
  4/7/2019 Jesus Makes the Rules

Jesus did not come to contradict the law, but to complete it… and explain it.

Principles to Live By Pastor Andrew Spradlin
  4/7/2019 One On One With Jesus

The greediest man in the New Testament meets the Lord Jesus Christ.

Pastor Monty Montana
  4/3/2019 A Christian's View of History

Paul had a great concern for the salvation of the Jewish race.

God's 9/11 Plan Pastor Larry Wood
  3/31/2019 Sermon on the Amount

God gives us our time, our talent, and our treasure; and we are to manage it for Him.

Dr. Roger Spradlin
  3/31/2019 He Raises the Dead!

The psalmist sings a song of praise to God after a near-death experience.

HalleluYAH Dr. Phil Neighbors
  3/27/2019 The Man Who Was So Close and Yet So Far Away

The story of Judas causes us to rethink our commitment to Christ.

The Book of Acts Pastor Larry Wood