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Date Title Series Speaker
  12/5/2018 God's Faithfulness

God is faithful to bless His people.

Pastor Ty Barksdale
  12/2/2018 Caring Enough to Confront

How are we to respond if we see a fellow Christian who is obviously drifting away from God?

Living Our Faith Dr. Roger Spradlin
  11/25/2018 God’s Prescription for Prayer

We should discipline ourselves to schedule a time to pray each day.

Living Our Faith Dr. Roger Spradlin
  11/18/2018 The Importance of Daily Bible Reading

Why should we read the Bible?

Pastor Brian Busby
  11/18/2018 Last Words on the Last Days

On the Tuesday before His crucifixion, Jesus talk about the events that will occur before He returns.

The Followers Dr. Phil Neighbors
  11/14/2018 A Call to Repentance

John the Baptist prepared the way for Jesus Christ.

Pastor Ty Barksdale
  11/11/2018 Marriage 101

A healthy marriage requires a new perspective on your identity.

Pastor Andrew Spradlin
  11/11/2018 Courage and Cowardice

It takes courage to follow Jesus.

The Followers Pastor Brian Busby
  11/7/2018 Three Words That Will Change Your Life

True repentance always involves owning up to your sin.

Pastor Larry Wood
  11/4/2018 How to Respond When Treated Unfairly

Choose not to retaliate when you are treated unfairly.

Living Our Faith Dr. Roger Spradlin