Single Sunday School Classes

We're offering a number of Sunday School classes for Singles.

8:00 AM

Class Name: Fresh Start 
Teacher: James Campbell

Where the Word of God is taught in an atmosphere of Christian love.
Location: Sanctuary bldg., Room. S-11

9:30 AM

Class Name: The Gathering
Teacher: Pastor John Burns

A new class for young singles only (Age: 30-50)
Location: Education Bldg., Room. E-201/203

Class Name: Redeemed
Teacher: Megan Bassett
A class for young single women only.
Location: Education Bldg., Room. E-210

Class Name: Jacob’s Well
Teacher: Carrie Prestage
A class for ladies only, sweet spirit.
Location: Sanctuary Bldg., Room. S-22  

11:00 AM

Class Name: Women of Worship
Teacher: Tracy Robinson
For single women with children. Build strong Christian friendships!
Location: Children’s bldg. Room. 120-121  

Class Name: Friends of Christ
Teacher: Kevin Knudsen

Join us as we strive to get closer to Christ!
Location: Children’s bldg., Room.125/126

Class Name: Joint Heir
Teacher: Dick Nuckles

Scriptural teaching with lots of discusiion.
Location: Sanctuary bldg., Room. S-11   

Class Name: Fruit of the Spirit
Teacher: Barbara Schmidt

Ministering to women in separation, divorce, widowhood, reconciliation!
Location: Sanctuary bldg., Room S-13