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Date Title Series Speaker
  4/22/2018 Life Group Summit:Getting More People Involved

How do we get other people involved in the ministry of our life groups?

Pastor Brian Busby
  4/22/2018 A Bad Man Rising

The Day of the Lord will be accompanied by the rise of the antichrist.

Living With Expectation Dr. Roger Spradlin
  4/18/2018 Preaching the Truth To Really Smart People

Our job as Christians is to make the Gospel clear to anyone.

How To Witness for God in an Ungodly World Pastor Larry Wood
  4/15/2018 An Archaeological Case for Christ and His Church

There is historical and archaeological evidence for the existence of Jesus.

The Followers Pastor Eric Hann
  4/15/2018 The Coming Justice of the Lord

The Second Coming of the Lord will bring judgement and justice for those who do not believe.

Living With Expectation Dr. Roger Spradlin
  4/8/2018 What the Bible Says About Church Membership

Is church membership a Biblical concept or simply church tradition?

Dr. Roger Spradlin
  4/4/2018 Why God Put Us in Bakersfield,California

God saved us to be missionaries for Him.

Pastor Larry Wood
  4/1/2018 It's Friday But Sunday Is Coming

God can meet you in your darkest day.

Dr. Roger Spradlin
  3/28/2018 How Our Story Ends

Death is only the beginning for those who have put their faith in Jesus.

A Study of 2 Corinthians Pastor Larry Wood
  3/25/2018 God Is Able

God has started a good work in you that He has promised to complete.

Living with Hope Pastor Brian Busby