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Date Title Series Speaker
  3/18/2018 Living Life Together

As Christians, we are called to minister to one another.

Living with Hope Pastor Brian Busby
  3/18/2018 Two By Two

Jesus sends out the twelve disciples to spread His message.

The Followers Dr. Phil Neighbors
  3/14/2018 I Believe, So I Speak

The Apostle Paul shows us how to continue in our service to God during tough times.

A Study of 2 Corinthians Pastor Larry Wood
  3/11/2018 Til Debt Do Us Part

Financial pressure comes when we ignore God's principles on how to manage our money.

Dr. Roger Spradlin
  3/11/2018 Two Daughters

Jesus has authority over diseases and death.

The Followers Dr. Phil Neighbors
  3/4/2018 The Coming Day of the Lord

The judgement of God and the second coming of Christ will happen suddenly and unexpectedly.

Living with Hope Dr. Roger Spradlin
  3/4/2018 The Raging Sea and the Raging Man

Jesus calms a storm and calms a possessed man.

The Followers Dr. Phil Neighbors
  2/25/2018 Paul on the Record Regarding the Rapture

God wants us to be informed but not misinformed about the second coming of Jesus.

Living with Hope Dr. Roger Spradlin
  2/25/2018 The Testimony of Billy Graham

Pastor Phil Neighbors takes a look at five of Billy Graham's crusades that had an extreme impact upon our world.

Dr. Phil Neighbors
  2/18/2018 Pleasing God

As Christians if we are to have a positive impact upon our culture, we must live moral lives.

Living with Hope Dr. Roger Spradlin