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Date Title Series Speaker
  1/14/2018 The Making of a Great Church

What are the characteristics of a great church?

Living with Hope Dr. Roger Spradlin
  1/14/2018 The Dawning of a New Age

In Mark 1, we find three miracle stories that display the authority of Jesus.

The Followers Dr. Phil Neighbors
  1/7/2018 Confidence

God provides confidence in times of uncertainty.

The Shepherd's Song Dr. Roger Spradlin
  1/7/2018 The Discipleship Trip

When you become a follower of Jesus, you embark on a journey that has a destination.

The Followers Dr. Phil Neighbors
  12/31/2017 Satisfied in God

What is covetousness, and how do we overcome it?

Pastor Matthew Spradlin
  12/24/2017 Christmas on Display

The first Christmas displays the providence of God.

Pastor Andrew Spradlin
  12/17/2017 Joseph:Man of Character

Our character is ultimately measured by our obedience to God.

Dr. Roger Spradlin
  12/13/2017 A Christmas Psalm

There are blessings for those in God's kingdom.

Ben Phillips
  12/10/2017 Protection

God provides protection from our enemies and healing for our wounds.

The Shepherd's Song Dr. Roger Spradlin
  12/6/2017 The Heart of the Matter

We should not become confident in how religious we are.

Pastor Ty Barksdale